Laura Farmer

Public Relations (PR) and Communications Consultant

Laura Farmer holds a Masters of Business Administration with a marketing concentration from Loyola University of Maryland. A musician by training, her experience includes leading the publicity strategy for the region’s leading arts organizations, including her most recent six-year stint managing the PR for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. For that organization, she garnered an unprecedented amount of media coverage, including regular local coverage in publications such as The Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post, as well as national media attention in outlets that include NPR, 60 Minutes, PBS, More magazine and The New York Times.

Laura has gained a reputation for bolstering publicity through inventive media stunts. Her unusual schemes to gain coverage of BSO programs that would otherwise fly under the media-radar have included hosting an opera flash mob at the local supermarket, organizing a marching band competition at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, and creating unique videos that gain a viral viewership. These stunts are more than fun diversions, but rather support a carefully crafted strategic vision for maximizing media attention while improving and softening brand image. Laura’s recipe of fearless creativity combined with thoughtful strategy achieves unparalleled visibility for her clients.

As a writer, Laura is extremely versatile. Her experience includes writing marketing copy, editorial content, grant proposals, technical manuals, annual reports, press releases and speeches. She has been published by Playbill, Overture and Applause magazines and has written speeches for many influential leaders at events hosted by The National Press Club, Baltimore’s Mayor’s Office and Smart CEO magazine.