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MarketPoint employs senior 1099 consultants, freelance designers, and career-minded full-time employees. The positions listed below are available currently. All other inquiries should contact us through our info account via fd7c7f67bf2ffcf75e84d56a1e3f5830.



A Word from the Principals

If you have talent, drive, and a commitment to continual improvement, we’d really like to see you join the team. So read the position descriptions carefully and please follow instructions. Applicants without a current resume (and portfolio link, if you’re in design or video) will be rejected. Please respect our time by not calling our office. If you have submitted a resume and cover letter, you will get a response by email, whether yes or no. If you do not get a chance to interview, we apologize – but we receive a lot of inquiries. Please don’t get discouraged; if you are rejected for one job, you may be qualified for another position in the future. Above all, don’t ever settle for a job you don’t want (even here): It will only stifle your spirit. Best of luck in your pursuit!

Laura Pasternak and Michael ZimmermanPrincipals