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Kier Construction, Kier Property Management and Kier Development provide residential and commercial real estate development, construction and management throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Faced with the imminent loss of their highly visible founder, the companies needed to redefine and strengthen their market position, while managing a leadership transition.

Transitioning Ownership (and Brand Equity) to the Next Generation

For 40 years, founder James Kier had been the face of the three companies. His persona served as a cornerstone to the firm’s brand. Faced with Mr. Kier’s failing health, the organization engaged MarketPoint to help navigate transitions in ownership and leadership, and to distinguish each of the three independent companies, while leveraging the brand equity of the Kier name.

We worked with the leadership teams from each company to understand internal perceptions of the firms and to define desired perceptions for each. We conducted both qualitative and quantitative research studies among current and past clients, as well as various stakeholder groups, to determine current market perceptions, identify attributes associated with the company name, and develop a branding hierarchy that supported three independent companies, while building on the reputation of the family name. Based on the research findings, we crafted a marketing and communications plan that strategically “passed the baton” from the founder and family patriarch to his children, carefully positioning them as well-trained for these positions.

Over a two-year period, we generated a positive perception of the ownership transition. By the time of the founder’s death, the new leadership was well-established and well recognized – and uniformly perceived as more-than-qualified to continue the Kier values of integrity, quality, professionalism and community involvement.

Ongoing Brand Management

Since the initial rebranding and ownership transition, MarketPoint has continued to work with the three firms to develop integrated marketing and public relations plans that strengthen their respective brands and communicate their success. We have provided brand and marketing consulting services to develop annual strategic plans, to communicate the acquisition of a set of management contracts for 18 properties in Colorado, to assist with expansion of the Kier Development business, and to support ongoing marketing communications efforts.