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Phillips Corporation is an international supplier of manufacturing technology products and services primarily focused on CNC machine tools for metalworking applications and for additive manufacturing. Historically, the Company has served its markets under multiple names, some reflecting geographical locations and others in homage to the various entities acquired or merged over half a century. While current ownership suspected that operating under one name would foster unity among the divisions, strengthen esprit de corps, simplify the customer experience, and help promote a stronger international brand, some key internal stakeholders were concerned that abandoning the legacy divisional names could confuse customers and potentially hurt business. The Company engaged MarketPoint to conduct research among its employees (“partners”) and customers, to gather data that would support the Company’s evolving brand goals and strategy, ensuring that stakeholders would work closely as one global organization, rather than being aligned with individual divisions.

Through a series of in-depth phone interviews with customers from different geographic divisions, MarketPoint probed what customers valued most in a business supplier, the challenges they faced in their respective industries, their criteria in selecting a supplier, their motivation for working with Phillips, and their perception of the Phillips brand. Leveraging the knowledge gained in the qualitative research stage, MarketPoint worked with Phillips to develop an online survey, which was fielded to Phillips employees, worldwide. The final report synthesized findings and observations from both studies, established a baseline Net Promoter Score®, and ultimately helped facilitate a smooth company-wide transition to a singular brand.