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Principal, Senior Marketing Advisor

With 35 years’ experience in marketing and sales, Michael provides interim and outsourced marketing management, develops communications and marketing plans, and performs market research for MarketPoint clients.

Before joining MarketPoint he was Vice President of Global Marketing for Prometric, a $400 million testing and assessment company, serving seven vertical markets and operating in 160 countries. While at Prometric, he led the company’s rebranding and three separate product launches.

Previously, Michael was president of a $20 million subsidiary of Consolidated Graphics (NYSE:CGX). There, he reorganized and repositioned a bankrupt acquisition, achieving industry-leader profit levels. For nearly a decade, Michael served as Executive Vice President and Creative Director of a regional B2B advertising agency, where he wrote and produced annual reports and developed communication campaigns for companies such as Harsco, York International, the Pennsylvania Medical Society, Keystone Health Plan, Burnham Corporation, Delta Dental, and Weis Markets.

Experienced in sales and sales management, Michael has written and delivered training programs in both sales and customer service for companies with annual revenues ranging to one billion dollars.

He has extensive experience with nonprofit organizations, including the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the United Way, the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Big Brothers / Big Sisters of America, Project Mercy, the Harrisburg Emergency Life-Survival Project (HELP), and the Center Club of Baltimore. In 1991, he received a letter of commendation for public service from President George Herbert Walker Bush (41).

A graduate of Messiah College, Michael has served on the Boards of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (Central Pennsylvania Chapter), the Havre de Grace Youth Sailing Program, and the business advisory group XPX Maryland.

A former columnist for SmartCEO magazine, Michael guest lectures frequently at area colleges and universities. In addition to writing the MarketPoint blog, he has published work in Social Media Today, Technorati, The Social Customer, Rapid Learning Institute, and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine.