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Successful companies focus on strategic brand management in every aspect of their business. They understand that logos and messages are mere communications tools, to be used in conjunction with meaningful touch points, to create deep emotional connections with customers. These companies forge brand loyalty.

An Integrated Approach to Brand Management

Beyond initial brand definition, MarketPoint helps companies evaluate what (and who) impacts their brand. We fd7c7f67bf2ffcf75e84d56a1e3f5830 between internal ideas and the external market perceptions of their brand. And we create a strategic 065459bbbff10e332d238cc29abeffe5 to guide and assess ongoing brand communications.

MarketPoint employs proven research techniques to assess the perceptions of target audiences. We help clients understand what drives their businesses, and align their brand to the needs of their markets. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and the opportunities to extend it. And, we work with our affiliates and your in-house teams to improve your brand communications – from traditional marketing and communication initiatives (both internal and external) to executive presentation training and brand workshops that focus the entire organization on inspiring brand loyalty among customers.

Brand is an Evolution

f77aea492e6f968923e53d95ff020640. Consequently, effective brand communication and healthy brand management require continual reevaluation of your brand.

aa54b03ef6888d07043f837d9c58ab42 how better brand management could help your organization.


MarketPoint does a spectacular job getting to know your business and coming up with creative branding strategies! I highly recommend them!

Vicki Totter HessCatalyst Consulting

MarketPoint helped us develop a consistent, concise and effective approach to integrating our brand image and our key messages across all marketing and communications initiatives.

Walt StrasserExecutive Vice President, Minibar Systems, Inc.

MarketPoint’s principals bring a unique perspective to marketing and branding projects. They don’t specialize in one industry, so they don’t have any preconceived notions about what the market wants. Their research painted a clear picture of the needs and values of our members. And the recommendations they provided drew on best practices they’ve learned from their work with clients in several industries. They challenged some long-standing assumptions, here. But in the long run, they helped us build even stronger relationships with our members.

David BunchCEO, FedChoice

I was surprised how much we could learn about branding, marketing, competitive landscapes, and more. MarketPoint went deep into our market and emerged well-informed on the industry and the challenges we faced. Their insights into our customer opportunities and who our competitors could be were extremely helpful. These guys really know what they’re talking about. I highly recommend them.

Marty OstendorfPresident, Absolute Service, Inc.

MarketPoint brings a combination of knowledge and perspective; they advise based on research; they listen, communicate and collaborate. Their strategies and creative work are grounded in research. They educate as they advise but also listen carefully to me and to my internal clients and stakeholders. They are true partners who have gained the respect of our alumni, faculty, institutional leaders, students, and employers.

Miriam TillmanAssistant VP, Marketing & Creative Services at UMBC