Brand Platform

source url Developing brand is a process – one that is driven by the vision and purpose of the organization and that builds on clearly defined core values and principles. The process requires assessing the current market and competitive landscape, defining the organization’s desired position in that market, and establishing a fundamental brand platform to guide the personification of the brand.خوردن-کس-وانگشت-کردن Online TrustedDrugstore. Buy Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and many other generic drugs at CanadianPharmacy. Pfizer Viagra Order Online Lowest prices for Generic and Brand drugs. A brand platform is a living document that establishes a foundation for the organization’s identity, messaging and visual presentation. Additionally, it serves as a framework for all internal and external communications, as well as a guide for how internal operations are performed.

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Components of a Brand Platform

    • Overview of Market Space (or Competitive Landscape)
    • Competitive Advantages (What differentiates the organization’s brand?)
    • Core Brand Values (What core values/guiding principles will serve as the foundation for the brand?)
    • Brand Position Statement (What is the organization’s desired position in the marketplace?)
    • Brand Vision (What guides the organization’s brand relationships?)
    • Brand Attributes/Personality (What are the distinct qualities/descriptors of the brand?)
    • Brand Essence (What is the true spirit – the heart – of the brand?)
    • Brand Character/Tone of Voice (How will the brand speak to its target audiences?)

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James E. KierPresident, Kier Corporation

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Walt StrasserExecutive Vice President, Minibar Systems, Inc.

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David BunchCEO, FedChoice

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Marty OstendorfPresident, Absolute Service, Inc.