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Organizational rebranding, product launches, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions… It seems organizations are always undergoing some type of transition. And transitions can be hectic. So hectic, in fact, that many organizations overlook their most important assets: their brands.

Yet, transitions are a critical time for brands.

In mergers or acquisitions, for example, it’s not only the balance sheets that must be merged, but also the organizations’ products or services, their reputations, and even their customer bases. Will the new brands be repositioned as part of the acquiring organization’s brand family? Will they continue to stand on their own? If an acquired brand is to be sunsetted, how will the transition be handled? And how will we deal with the two organizations’ employees, customers, clientele or members?

These issues are the tip of the iceberg in the delicate but critical process of Brand Transitioning.

A misstep at this crucial juncture could create a major setback for both organizations’ brands – disenfranchising customers, impacting sales, and devaluing brand equity. By contrast, seamless transitioning of your brands maximizes your return-on-investment, builds customer loyalty, and forges a unified organizational structure.

With experience in branding, marketing, public speaking, and organizational dynamics, MarketPoint’s brand management experts can craft a solid plan for managing your organization’s brands through transition.

Don’t go through your transitions alone. fd7c7f67bf2ffcf75e84d56a1e3f5830 today.


MarketPoint’s detailed and methodical process to understanding our business and assessing the effectiveness of our current brand image provided new insights about our business. They helped us articulate who we are and what we do, to better reflect what we want our brand to be. And they developed a consistent, concise and effective approach to integrating our brand image and our key messages across all marketing and communications initiatives.

Walt StrasserExecutive Vice President Minibar Systems, Inc.

MarketPoint gives 100% to its clients.  They have great ideas and knowledge of branding and can adapt those principles to complex issues. We would recommend MarketPoint to any company or entity that is looking for a fresh brand marketing campaign.

James E. KierPresident, Kier Corporation

MarketPoint adapted quickly to our organization and our culture and worked effectively within our existing structure. Technically competent, highly resourceful, and irreverent to poor practices, they challenged us appropriately to improve our marketing operations.

Jack MaykoskiVice President, Training and Program Management, Graduate School USA

MarketPoint has been a great marketing partner for STUDIOS: taking the time to understand us, helping us get closer to our clients, providing invaluable market research and intelligence, positioning us to penetrate new markets and facilitate growth, pushing us to improve our communications strategy…and all while working with multiple constituencies in our New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Paris offices. It’s tough to meet our expectations at STUDIOS, but their commitment and attention to detail has earned our respect since 2007.

Todd DeGarmoCEO/Principal of STUDIOS Architecture