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I was at a party recently, when a total stranger walked up to me and asked, “How many marketing consultants does it take to change a light bulb?”  I can’t actually remember how that joke ended, but his question made me think…



It’s time for the fourth and final New Year’s resolution designed for organizations who want to drastically improve their marketing efforts.  So here it is:  Audit your brand. 73b298f0c0ebf7ed3d4f23a0a71a9db7


Baltimore-based consulting firm MarketPoint LLC announced, today, that it has received a letter of intent from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), to perform branding and marketing services in support of a new initiative to promote graduate programs at the university. 160ec2f5b13371074d118a544ef3b815



Keeping with our commitment to share a few New Year’s resolutions your organization can make to drastically improve your marketing efforts, we give you the third installment in the series:  Check your assumptions. 746ab7658ce000e4f23988aa6ccce16f



We promised you a list of useful resolutions that your organization can make to drastically improve your marketing efforts in the new year.  This week we’re suggesting:  Reconnect with your customers.



Why is it that organizations have no trouble focusing on revenue in the fourth quarter?  Okay, that was too easy.  But if it’s patently obvious why we have to hit our targets in Q4, why is it so hard for us to focus on the marketing behaviors that will drive revenue in Q1?



Laura Pasternak, Principal and Chief Brand Strategist for MarketPoint, has been featured in the September issue of Intellectual Property Magazine (IPM). 91a9d2365f66370d5f7f94ceb9779260


Laura Pasternak, Principal and Chief Brand Strategist for MarketPoint, LLC, will speak at this year’s Berret-Koehler Book Marketing Workshop.  The event is sponsored by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), and will be held at the association’s headquarters on June 17, in Alexandria, Virginia. 4ebb51e1f0feae9c520df16d729a810e


MarketPoint president Laura Pasternak has been appointed to the Board of the Baltimore chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).  She will chair the newly formed Global Initiatives Committee, a committee focused on educating women business owners about the work of women around the world, sharing expertise and best practices among members and with international counterparts, connecting women business owners around the world, and supporting the needs of women business owners in developing countries through philanthropic initiatives. 9b5d7529db185904193408cb33b09f27