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At first glance, it’s easy to believe that communication would be easier if all people were the same: if they all had exactly the same interests, the same values, the same motives. There would be no need to segment markets, to define audiences, to identify drivers, or to articulate individual messages.



The world is full of strange customs, especially on New Year’s Eve. Why not celebrate by exploring our 2016 Holiday infographic? Just be careful not to spill your champagne. 😉

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Just last month, a colleague shared an old saw commonly cited by manufacturers. “I like to tell customers,” she said, “we can make it good, we can make it fast, and we can make it cheap – pick any two.”

Aphorisms, like this one, are memorable partly because they are pithy, partly because they are delightfully clever, and partly because they are true – or in this case, they were true when they were coined. dba11b4aa5a63ba22527512a21b7dc2b


This infographic explores the economic impact of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving Day weekend sales, using the final statistics from 2015 (in forecast of 2016). The National Retail Federation had predicted a 3.6 percent increase for 2016 at the time of publication.

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A client recently asked us, “Are there really any good reasons to consider a Facebook promotion?” (They had owned Facebook page for quite some time, but until now, hadn’t ever advertised there.) I explained that, when the circumstances are right, a Facebook promotion can be an organization’s least expensive way to engage with its followers. And that for most organizations, it’s not a particularly good place to sell.


MarketPoint principal Laura Pasternak has been appointed to the Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority Commission (MSBDFA).



This MarketPoint whitepaper on hiring explores the challenges employers face as they screen, interview and select candidates – and reports statistics on resume fabrications, background checks, pre-employment testing, wait times and more. All sources cited.

© 2016 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This MarketPoint infographic explores the challenges employers face as they screen, interview and select candidates – and reports statistics on resume fabrications, background checks, pre-employment testing, wait times and more. All sources cited.

© 2016 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



Every year, global M&A deals register in the trillions of dollars — in fact, their total value is greater than the annual U.S. Federal budget. This whitepaper takes a close look at the deals that made up 2015 and adds context to the M&A landscape. But 80% of M&A deals fail. So if you’re thinking about playing this risky game, you might want to start by reading our whitepaper. Includes illustrations from the infographic. All sources cited.