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Looking at patients with ‘major affective disorder’ cheap topamax 100mg with amex, Machón ea(1997) of Helsinki found an increased likelihood of exposure to an epidemic of influenza (A2/Singapore virus) during the second trimester compared to controls discount topamax 100mg visa. Cotter ea (2001) found a reduction in reduced neuronal size and glial cell density in the anterior cingulate cortex of major depressives at postmortem. Relatively small cingulate volumes in children and adolescents with bipolar disorder have been reported,(Kaur ea, 2005) suggesting that such may be the case from early in the illness course. Geomagnetic storms have been suggested as a cause of depression in susceptible individuals. They might 1300 desynchronise pineal circadian rhythms or they might disrupt pineal melatonin synthesis via actions on serotonergic or adrenergic systems. Such storms could, according to the theory, act on cell membrane permeability, cause increased calcium channel activity, or the retinal rods could act as magnetoreceptors. Melatonin secretion is fairly contant within individuals but varies widely between individuals. Also, light therapy may be useful in the treatment of depression lasting more than two years. Neuroticism did not predict amount of mood change following acute tryptophan depletion in healthy volunteers (but it did moderate performance on a verbal fluency test). Tryptophan hydroxylase A779 allele more common among deliberate self-harm subjects v controls. Beta-arrestin-1 levels reduced in white blood cells in depressives and elevated in rat brain by antidepressants. Presence of lifetime history of depression in Alzheimer’s disease corresponds to increased Alzheimer-related neuropathological changes in the hippocampus – more pronounced if depression occurs early during the disease process. A number of studies suggested that the closer the lesion is to the frontal pole on the dominant side, and the further away from the pole on the opposite side, the more likely is the person to be depressed. However, Carson ea (2000) found no support for a link between the site of a lesion and risk of depression. The authors point out that the areas affected are involved in emotion processing and regulation of stress. Such hypertrophy has been found in depressives post mortem and in completed suicides. Represents functional/reversible problem) whereas no real improvement in bilateral medial/dorsolateral/parietal (? It has been said that intracellular sodium rises in depression, and rises still further in mania. Vanadium poisoning of the sodium pump was a popular suggestion as a cause of affective disturbance during the 1980s, patients being subjected to massive doses of ascorbic acid as a putative antidote. Isotretinoin (Isotrex, Isotrexin, Roaccutane), a vitamin A derivative used for severe acne, has been blamed for depression, psychosis and suicide. Whilst great care is required to monitor for depression is cases treated with isotretinoin, it should be recalled that acne itself is commonly associated with depression (Anonymous, 2003) and the literature is far from unanimous in its findings re isotretinoin. It can also cause confusion/delirium, agitated restlessness, psychosis, and, less commonly, hypersexuality. There seems to be an increased 1309 risk of coronary artery disease in depressives. Bone mineral density (spine and hip) has been found to be lower in depressives than in controls, especially in females. Presumed intrauterine (second trimester) starvation in males during a Dutch famine has been found to correlate with later affective psychosis, but not with neurotic depression. Similar considerations probably apply to the Swedish findings of Mittendorfer-Rutz ea (2004) who reported that multiparity and low maternal education predicted suicide attempt in offspring, whereas as restricted foetal growth and teenage motherhood were associated with both completed suicide and attempted suicide in the offspring. Both B12 and folate deficiency may be associated with depression, although they are not always primary. There is no good evidence to link affective psychosis or mania to problems at birth. Overactivity, pressured speech, and racing thoughts during bipolar depression should alert the therapist to enhanced risk for conversion to mania with antidepressant drugs. Ader ea (1995) wondered if there might be a latent herpes infection that becomes reactivated during depression. The finding of an increase in soluble receptors for interleukin-2 receptors in the plasma of suicide attempters might indicate either a state or trait marker. Genetics Genetic factors are often thought to be important in severe cases of depression and in cases with somatic symptoms whereas environmental factors may appear to be more important in milder cases of depression. Also, single genetic abnormalities can only explain a small part of all mood disorders.

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After walk speed was stable discount 200 mg topamax otc, we caluculated integrated vale of myoelectric potential (mV purchase topamax 100mg amex. Kim2 support the weight with use of T cane, which could cause the risk 1Sahmyook University, Physical Therapy, Seoul, Republic of Ko- of carpal tunnel syndrome. Tekin1 Introduction/Background: The purpose of this study was to meas- 1 Gulhane Military Medical Academy - Haydarpasa Research and ure the effectiveness of a rehabilitation program in a population of Training Hospital, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Istanbul, patients with ataxic neuropathy and to determine the infuence of age on the gains observed in static and dynamic conditions. Mate- Turkey rial and Methods: Twenty two patients with characterized bilat- Introduction/Background: Spasticity in stroke patients is one of eral sensory ataxia were included in this study. It may affect patients’ self-care and criterion was proprioceptive loss with a decrease in joint position activities of daily living and disrupts the patient’s appearance, bal- sense at the big toe level or reduced turning torque perception at ance and walking pattern. All had clinical, electrophysiological and histologi- of focal and multifocal spasticity such as streching, bracing, oral cal data corresponding to a well defned polyneuropathy. Material and Methods: The instrumental evaluation of balance and gait was performed us- A 57-year-old woman with 41 months history of stroke resulting ing a force Platform and a Locometre. The rehabilitation program in right hemiplegia was admitted to our outpatient clinic. She had consisted of 15 sessions (three sessions per week for fve weeks, spasticity of the elbow, wrist and hand on the right side. Botulinum each session lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes) comprised of differ- toxin injection treatment was planned but we applied dry-needling ent exercises aiming to improve sensory perception, and static and before botulinum toxin injection. Results: Patients were divided in two subgroups pronator teres, fexor carpi radialis, fexor digitorum superfcialis corresponding to a middle-age group (medium age =55 y) and an and profundus were needled with 0. Needling was applied using fast-in and fast-out method control assessed using the three clinical tests improved similarly during 30 seconds for each muscle. Results: Dystonia on the wrist in both groups (Two ways Anova training x age, training effect and fngers was observed immediately after dry needling. Degree of spasticity was measured were able to increase the contribution of sensory afferent with a sig- same, 15 minutes after the dry needling, in comparison to baseline. Chang- Conclusion: There are some reports demonstrating positive effects es in instrumental data were note signifcant. We experienced dys- results show that ataxic patients can improve their balance with tonia and nondecreasing spasticity with dry needling in our case. We believe that there is need for further studies in the larger group Nevertheless, an age effect can be pointed out as older adults un- of patients, with control groups and longer follow-up periods of less younger do not succeed to improve sensory integration during patients, in order to reach a defnitive judgement on this issue. However, there is a paucity of data on the and alternative therapies, played a vital role for stoke patients. How- actual practice amongst the rehabilitation physicians in the coun- ever, the intrinsic mechanism of different modalities of acupuncture try. In order to decrease the effect of post-stimulation of email to practicing rehabilitation physicians working in Malaysia. This study obtained the approval from the Ministry terclockwise for 1 min at a rate 60 times per minute. In this study, the col and one respondent was unsure of the availability of the proto- therapeutic effectiveness of phenol motor point block in patients with col. Material and Methods: Twelve patients the future development of the local spasticity management program. A sig- Sahmyook University, Physical Therapy, Seoul, Republic of Korea nifcant positive correlation between therapeutic effectiveness and Introduction/Background: The purpose of this study was to inves- presence of self-exercise (ρr=0. Although the of the intervention on the paretic upper extremity 3 sessions per week effect of Botulium toxin A injection is different from person to per- during 4 weeks. Material and Methods: Forty,26 and 17 chronic stage of stroke beta power, concentration and activation. The frst time injection was per- (C4) and Beta power (C3 and C4), concentration (F3, F4 and C3) formed at 1380 days after the onset of stroke, while the average in- and activation (C4) (p<0. Introduction/Background: Spasticity, defned as a velocity-depend- Domen2 ent increase in tonic stretch refexes, disturbs activities of daily living 1Sasayama Medical Center Hyogo College of Medicine, Depart- in patients with cerebrovascular disorders. We report a patient with subarachnoid 2 3 4 hemorrhage who underwent orthopedic selective spasticity control Ogino , M. Material and Methods: A 41-year- ment of General Medicine and Community Health Science, Sasay- old man suffered from subarachnoid hemorrhage (Hunt & Kosnik ama Hyogo, Japan, 2Sasayama Medical Center Hyogo College of grade 5) due to the rupture of an anterior communicating artery an- Medicine, Department of Rehabilitation, Sasayama Hyogo, Japan, eurysm. He underwent the craniotomy clipping and lumboperitoneal 3Nishinomiya Kyouritsu Rehabilitation Hospital, Department of shunt surgeries for the treatment of hydrocephalus, which he devel- Rehabilitation, Nishinomiya Hyogo, Japan, 4Hyogo College of oped later. He was discharged on the 239thday and returned home, but was admitted in our hospital for further rehabili- Introduction/Background: The evaluation of the spasticity is essential tation on the 256th day. However, there is no established quantitative evaluation of the lower limbs were very diffcult to treat and had limited the knee the spasticity currently. We recorded M-response, H-refex and T-refex ure score improved by 21 points at discharge, compared to that at by tibial nerve stimulation of the affected side before and 4 weeks admission. This is 1 1 1 because Tmax/Mmax refects achilles tendon refex clinically, which C. Introduction/Background: Approximately 20–43% of the post-stroke patients developed spasticity and motor defcit.