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MarketPoint offers customized and highly targeted market research solutions that help organizations keep a pulse on what drives their key markets and leverage the resulting data to make real-time, iterative marketing and communications decisions.

Our research solutions help organizations:

    • uncover the market’s true perceptions of their offerings (products/services) and their brands
    • identify gaps between their perceived performance and their markets’ expectations
    • determine the values, needs and drivers of their audience (by segment)
    • validate and clearly define their market position
    • better understand their competition
    • quantify opinions and beliefs
    • evaluate performance
    • identify opportunities to increase engagement
    • explore levels of satisfaction
    • determine Net Promoter® scores and track changes over time
    • measure the efficacy of communications
    • size and segment markets
    • launch and position (or reposition) products and services
    • establish benchmarks and set goals

We believe the research process should be simple, iterative and transparent – and that it should yield realistic and actionable recommendations.

Our approach is custom-built, based on each project’s goals; solutions may include:

    • focus groups (in-person, online, and non-time-bound)
    • listening sessions
    • in-depth one-on-one interviews
    • phone surveys
    • online surveys
    • public intercepts
    • market sizing
    • perceived gap analysis
    • secondary research (i.e., exploration of existing, third-party research)

NOTE: MarketPoint strictly adheres to the ethics codes published by the fd7c7f67bf2ffcf75e84d56a1e3f5830 and the 065459bbbff10e332d238cc29abeffe5.


One of the reasons we chose MarketPoint was their background in the education industry, which was useful as we were seeking accreditation. They learned the federal government professional development market quickly and collected very insightful data that still informs our marketing and branding, particularly as we have since pivoted back to our traditional CE mission.

Jack MaykoskiVice President, Training and Program Management, Graduate School USA

MarketPoint was easy to work with, and made the research process fun and collaborative.

Craig WeinrichMaryland Nonprofits

We had done market research before, but the results were often met with some level of skepticism. The MarketPoint project was a different story. What stood out to me was the level of trust they earned from our Leadership Team. From the early exploratory meetings, through the one-on-one discussions with senior managers, to the presentation of the data and the final recommendations, MarketPoint demonstrated their expertise. Our executives keep telling me how impressed they were. These guys know what they’re doing.

Amy DelaneyVice President, Director of Marketing, Pacific Continental Bank

From early stakeholder focus groups through final recommendations, MarketPoint’s work has been thorough and extremely professional. Their insight and analysis helped us build a stronger message platform and informs our ongoing communications.

Nancy DysardDirector for Marketing and Public Relations, Harford Community College

Thanks to MarketPoint for everything you have done for LBC.  We couldn’t have found a better market research firm.  Your many recommendations were right on target and will take us to where we want and need to be.

Amanda ZinnPresident/CEO, Leadership Baltimore County