Guerrilla Marketing

In 1984, Jay Conrad Levinson, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, published the seminal book Guerrilla Marketing. Believing that Madison Avenue had ignored the needs of small businesses in favor of those with million-dollar advertising budgets, Levinson set out to level the playing field by documenting low-budget marketing tactics that would empower the independent business owner to compete in a world dominated by giants. His thinking inspired entrepreneurs and intra-preneurs alike, and spawned a more aggressive age in small business marketing.

Although many guerrilla tactics are geared more toward storefront operations or very small businesses, several of Levinson’s ideas are quite useful for larger clients in the B2B, education and non-profit sectors. Clearly important is the understanding that mainstream media are too expensive and too general (not targeted) to reach and persuade individual buyers or very small market segments.

Many current marketing communications options, such as database-driven one-to-one marketing campaigns, social media marketing (e.g., Facebook), networking, and even YouTube videos, are either extensions of, or natural partners to, guerrilla marketing techniques.

MarketPoint advocates guerrilla techniques – or at least guerrilla thinking – whenever appropriate for our clients.

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MarketPoint’s outsourced CMO adapted quickly to our organization and our culture and worked effectively within our existing structure. Technically competent, highly resourceful, and irreverent to poor practices, they challenged us appropriately to improve our marketing operations.

Jack MaykoskiVice President, Training and Program Management, Graduate School USA

MarketPoint listens well. They are great at extracting the key bits of information vital to formulating a marketing strategy.

Judy SiegelCorporate Chairman, Landex Corporation

MarketPoint helped us develop a brand platform that articulates a clear vision of the direction we need to take the company. And their organizational compass gave us a tool that helps keep the whole delivery system on track and on message – it’s a visual representation of what we’re all about. Marketing can be a funny thing: You don’t know what you don’t know! That’s why you need MarketPoint.

Marty OstendorfPresident, Absolute Service, Inc.

MarketPoint asks the tough questions necessary to drive one’s business. They don’t let incomplete answers go by, and that’s important in achieving growth today.

Andy GurdVice President, Corporate Development, LCG Technologies, Inc.