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Today’s organizations need a strategic approach to promotion, with messages and communications vehicles that deliver segment-specific benefits and advance your brand position. MarketPoint skillfully develops effective messages and recommends promotional strategies appropriate to our clients’ target markets – without preconceived bias toward specific media vehicles or messaging channels.

Business communication is about getting the right message to the right audience. And different audience segments will be receptive to different messages. Developing personas – based on actionable fd7c7f67bf2ffcf75e84d56a1e3f5830 – helps to understand the different buyer types in your market and to portray the different needs, values or motivators for each.

Based on those personas, it becomes possible to devise messages that communicate your organization’s special benefits for that audience and map those messages to each segment of the market. And as surely as different segments of your market will be receptive to different messages, they may be reachable through different media. Printed collateral, email, video, viral networking, websites, and all other forms of promotional communication perform differently in differing markets and in differing cohorts.

A solid message map serves as a foundation and guide for development of future communications and promotional campaigns.

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From early stakeholder focus groups through final recommendations, MarketPoint’s work has been thorough and extremely professional. Their insight and analysis helped us build a stronger message platform and informs our ongoing communications.

Nancy DysardDirector for Marketing and Public Relations, Harford Community College31060d0124e43415e0e00789beb30fd6

MarketPoint helped us stop and take the time to be more insightful. They are very present and very positive. Consequently, they helped us to focus on our internal dynamics, so that we could grow, and do so in a thoughtful and cost-efficient way.

Judy SiegelCEO, Landex Corporationd43ad1161411c71fd8129e63100a8c13

MarketPoint brings a combination of knowledge and perspective; they advise based on research; they listen, communicate and collaborate. Their strategies and creative work are grounded in research. They educate as they advise but also listen carefully to me and to my internal clients and stakeholders. They are true partners who have gained the respect of our alumni, faculty, institutional leaders, students, and employers.

Miriam TillmanAssistant VP, Marketing & Creative Services at UMBCc31174f19ed50872fab478a2cc8ce7ca

MarketPoint provided interim leadership and outsourced support during a stressful period of transition in our marketing team. Their collection and analysis of market intelligence, strategy development, and execution plan enabled us to rebuild, refocus and re-energize what was a struggling Marketing unit.

Jack MaykoskiVice President, Training and Program Management, Graduate School USA 37b3608ae4c9a83ff3fcc618be4f0314