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This MarketPoint infographic explores the high-stakes world of mergers & acquisitions (M&As). Did you know 2015 was a record year for M&As? The total global M&A volume that year exceeded $4.25 trillion U.S. dollars. And a “trillion” is a lot! If you stacked just one trillion U.S. dollar bills on your kitchen table, the stack would reach 63,000 miles into space and would weigh more than the Golden Gate Bridge! But 80% of M&A deals fail. So if you’re thinking about playing this risky game, you’d better download our infographic and keep it handy. All sources cited.

© 2017 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



Sailors carry charts to help them avoid the shallows and find the channels – or seek the counsel of local captains and fishermen when they enter new waters. Coaches and managers of professional sports teams spend countless hours reviewing videotapes of their next opponent. Generals need to know their opponents’ strength, their numbers, their locations and their political aims before waging battle. 56f495d0952c909ccd90b27922fca3ad


This MarketPoint whitepaper explores aspects of brand loyalty: what makes customers loyal, why customers switch brands, and the value of loyalty programs. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This cybersecurity infographic explores the risks associated with cybercrime and how organizations can help mitigate risk and protect their data. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This Apple Infographic explores the impact of Apple’s 2015 Q1 revenues, and the company’s size, relative to other large companies and to the S&P index. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This Succession Planning Infographic explores the importance of succession planning in family businesses and corporations. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This Innovation Infographic from MarketPoint explores innovation, quantifying it domestically and internationally, and explains disruptive innovation. All sources cited.

© 2014 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This infographic on brand value explores the value of some of the world’s leading brands, including Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Google, Samsung, Disney, Lego, and others. All sources cited.

© 2014 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



Big Data has already proven to be a game-changer in many industries, enabling organizations to boost revenues, develop innovative products, predict consumer response, anticipate market changes, and disrupt industries. This Big Data Primer infographic explains the sources of Big Data and begins to quantify its impact on business and industry in simple terms. For executives and managers alike. All sources cited.

© 2013 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved