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Picture a map of the world. Now think of the word “innovation.” Does one country stand out? Most Americans consider the United States the world leader. But the facts on this Innovation Infographic say otherwise.



This Innovation Infographic from MarketPoint explores innovation, quantifying it domestically and internationally, and explains disruptive innovation. All sources cited.

© 2014 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



To new marketers, stickiness is the new black. “Sticky clients” are the obvious solution to attrition, the ideal new business prospects, the holy grail of market segments. Stickiness goes with everything. It’s always fashionable. It’s the right answer to the toughest marketing questions. Everyone wants sticky customers.



This is big news… even if it’s a few weeks old. In late March, IBM announced they were planning to expand their consulting services to leverage technology to create transaction-worthy user experiences.



Big Data has already proven to be a game-changer in many industries, enabling organizations to boost revenues, develop innovative products, predict consumer response, anticipate market changes, and disrupt industries. This Big Data Primer infographic explains the sources of Big Data and begins to quantify its impact on business and industry in simple terms. For executives and managers alike. All sources cited.

© 2013 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved