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This cybersecurity whitepaper explores the risks associated with cyber crime and how organizations can help mitigate risk and protect their data. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



Businesses have been collecting and analyzing data since the dawn of time – or at least the dawn of paper. Until recently that data was stored in notebooks, file cabinets, ledgers, receipts, personnel files, production logs, Rolodexes, and cardboard boxes stacked to the ceilings. But as the computer age changed our capacity for storing and analyzing data, our thirst for data grew.



To new marketers, stickiness is the new black. “Sticky clients” are the obvious solution to attrition, the ideal new business prospects, the holy grail of market segments. Stickiness goes with everything. It’s always fashionable. It’s the right answer to the toughest marketing questions. Everyone wants sticky customers.



Some brands we love, some we hate… and most we wouldn’t miss if they went away. But every one of them – even the most obscure – has equity. Yes, brand is worth real money. In fact, the top ten brands have values that can be measured in the tens of Billions of dollars.



This is big news… even if it’s a few weeks old. In late March, IBM announced they were planning to expand their consulting services to leverage technology to create transaction-worthy user experiences.



Exactly 44 years ago today (April 10), Sir Paul McCartney announced that the Beatles would go their separate ways. In the decades since, each member of the Fab Four forged his own unique brand of Rock and Roll. But none has matched the seismic impact that the mop-topped foursome had on American music and culture.



This is HUGE. Getty, the world’s mega-repository of commercial images, adds an “embed” option, enabling bloggers and other non-commercial users to incorporate Getty-managed commercial images in their NON-COMMERCIAL work (e.g., as illustrations in blogs, but not in ads or emails that intend to sell or build brand, etc.). Now, even Tiger Woods isn’t safe!



Big Data has already proven to be a game-changer in many industries, enabling organizations to boost revenues, develop innovative products, predict consumer response, anticipate market changes, and disrupt industries. This Big Data Primer infographic explains the sources of Big Data and begins to quantify its impact on business and industry in simple terms. For executives and managers alike. All sources cited.

© 2013 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



If you’re a CMO, chew on this: Chances are, your direct reports grew up playing Super Mario Brothers. And I’m not talking about the Millennials trying desperately to land their first job in marketing. I’m talking about the Gen-X, 30-to-40-somethings who are chomping at the bit for your job, hoping you move on, or retire, or screw up.