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This infographic explores the economic impact of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving Day weekend sales, using the final statistics from 2015 (in forecast of 2016). The National Retail Federation had predicted a 3.6 percent increase for 2016 at the time of publication.

© 2016 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This MarketPoint infographic explores the impact of family-owned businesses on the U.S. and world economies. Colorful charts and tables help explain the distribution of businesses by size and by gender and the revenue contribution by gender of ownership, and list the top 10 family businesses in America, showing size and ownership. All sources cited.

© 2016 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This MarketPoint infographic on Brand Loyalty explores what it means to be loyal, what makes customers loyal, why customers switch brands, and the value of loyalty programs. All sources cited.

© 2016 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This cybersecurity infographic explores the risks associated with cybercrime and how organizations can help mitigate risk and protect their data. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This MarketPoint infographic explores organizational vision, vision statements, and how to champion the vision. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This Apple Infographic explores the impact of Apple’s 2015 Q1 revenues, and the company’s size, relative to other large companies and to the S&P index. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This Succession Planning Infographic explores the importance of succession planning in family businesses and corporations. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



Picture a map of the world. Now think of the word “innovation.” Does one country stand out? Most Americans consider the United States the world leader. But the facts on this Innovation Infographic say otherwise.



This Innovation Infographic from MarketPoint explores innovation, quantifying it domestically and internationally, and explains disruptive innovation. All sources cited.

© 2014 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved