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Once in a genre, an artist comes along with a special gift for humanizing our world. In the world of business books, that artist is cartoonist Tom Fishburne. YOUR AD IGNORED HERE is a tome of delight – 200 pages of Marketing wisdom that will make you laugh, make you think, help you appreciate your world, and help you escape it. This is a self-help book for everyone who sells a product or service, a compass for entrepreneur, intrapreneurs and managers alike, a hard-to-put-down break from the daily grind, guaranteed to leave you yelling, “Sequel! Sequel!”

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Picture a map of the world. Now think of the word “innovation.” Does one country stand out? Most Americans consider the United States the world leader. But the facts on this Innovation Infographic say otherwise.



This Innovation Infographic from MarketPoint explores innovation, quantifying it domestically and internationally, and explains disruptive innovation. All sources cited.

© 2014 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This is big news… even if it’s a few weeks old. In late March, IBM announced they were planning to expand their consulting services to leverage technology to create transaction-worthy user experiences.