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The language of extremes has become commonplace.

How many times can we be told a movie is “the most poignant drama of our time” or an actor has given “the best performance of his life”? Is there any reason to believe people who tell us an event is “unprecedented,” or a tennis exhibition features the “perfect match-up,” or a piece of jewelry is “one-of-a-kind?” What turned frisbee into “extreme frisbee,” and what distinguishes kickboxing from “ultimate” kickboxing”?



Today, telecom providers spend millions of dollars developing and promoting their brands. Over time, their investments burn brand-positive images on the mind of their consumers. Let’s say that one of those consumers – we’ll call him “Joe” – is driving his kids to school, when a white utility van cuts into his lane, forcing him onto the shoulder at 60 miles per hour. After quickly regaining his senses and glancing in the rear-view mirror to make sure his kids are alright, Joe looks back at the van and sees the logo of his telecom provider. And suddenly, the company’s carefully crafted brand fades from Joe’s mind, to be replaced by a more personal, and more permanent, image. 56f495d0952c909ccd90b27922fca3ad


This MarketPoint infographic draws from over a dozen published resources on the challenges associated with managing in a multi-generational workplace – and offers suggestions to help smooth the effect of those differences. All sources cited. For more information about dba11b4aa5a63ba22527512a21b7dc2b, click 60e9fa322123f4d78640dc7b1ac55f19.

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A client recently asked us, “Are there really any good reasons to consider a Facebook promotion?” (They had owned Facebook page for quite some time, but until now, hadn’t ever advertised there.) I explained that, when the circumstances are right, a Facebook promotion can be an organization’s least expensive way to engage with its followers. And that for most organizations, it’s not a particularly good place to sell.


MarketPoint principal Laura Pasternak has been appointed to the Maryland Small Business Development Financing Authority Commission (MSBDFA).



This MarketPoint infographic explores the challenges employers face as they screen, interview and select candidates – and reports statistics on resume fabrications, background checks, pre-employment testing, wait times and more. All sources cited.

© 2016 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



Just this week, a client asked us if we knew any firms that do reputation scrubbing, or whether such practices were even legit. It’s a great question and one that we thought deserved a public answer.



This MarketPoint infographic on Brand Loyalty explores what it means to be loyal, what makes customers loyal, why customers switch brands, and the value of loyalty programs. All sources cited.

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This MarketPoint whitepaper explores aspects of brand loyalty: what makes customers loyal, why customers switch brands, and the value of loyalty programs. All sources cited.

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