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This MarketPoint infographic explores the challenges employers face as they screen, interview and select candidates – and reports statistics on resume fabrications, background checks, pre-employment testing, wait times and more. All sources cited.

© 2016 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This MarketPoint whitepaper explores the world of “soft benefits” – what they are, why they are important, what companies are doing about them, and how “out-of-control” benefit packages have become in the tech industry. All sources Cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This MarketPoint whitepaper explores the growing skills gap facing employers – “the point at which an organization can no longer grow or remain competitive because it cannot fill critical jobs with employees who have the right knowledge, skills, and abilities” (ASTD). Using statistics and other helpful facts, we explain the scope of the problem, its cause and consequences, and what employers (and employees) can do about it. Includes illustrations from the infographic. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This MarketPoint infographic explores organizational vision, vision statements, and how to champion the vision. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This Succession Planning Infographic explores the importance of succession planning in family businesses and corporations. All sources cited.

© 2015 MarketPoint LLC, All Rights Reserved



This is HUGE. Getty, the world’s mega-repository of commercial images, adds an “embed” option, enabling bloggers and other non-commercial users to incorporate Getty-managed commercial images in their NON-COMMERCIAL work (e.g., as illustrations in blogs, but not in ads or emails that intend to sell or build brand, etc.). Now, even Tiger Woods isn’t safe!



If you’re a CMO, chew on this: Chances are, your direct reports grew up playing Super Mario Brothers. And I’m not talking about the Millennials trying desperately to land their first job in marketing. I’m talking about the Gen-X, 30-to-40-somethings who are chomping at the bit for your job, hoping you move on, or retire, or screw up.



Five Hundred. It seems to be the magic number on LinkedIn. At 500 connections, the site stops counting. “500” means “you’ve arrived” – you are part of the elite, those who constitute the upper crust of business’ primary social media site. When you pass 500, your number freezes at “500+.” You may have 501 connections, or five-hundred-thousand. It doesn’t matter anymore. Up here, you’re all equal. The competition ends.


According to the BBC, the tiny nation of Gambia has shortened the work week to four days, making Friday a day of rest. Of course, workers still log 40 hours per week, they just do it in four days. And where are we, by comparison?